Entries by Tom Doescher

We are more the same than different

I’ve had the privilege of interacting with people of almost every color, language, culture, and social status on six continents. My personal conclusion is that the people of the world are more alike than different. For example, children are important to parents from all walks of life and in every culture. I believe that, too […]

Perspective helps

I was in a meeting one day, listening to all the problems resulting from the sudden growth of a business. As the conversation continued, many of the comments and observations became quite negative. You would have thought the company was having a bad year. During a pause in the discussion, I mentioned that in my […]

Intimate customer service

We have all experienced intimate customer service, like you expect to receive at the Ritz-Carlton? When business owners lose firsthand contact with their customers, the goal of providing intimate service often suffers. A few years ago, my wife and I hired a well-known landscaping service. Despite their quality reputation, it seemed my wife soon had […]


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