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Hire Owners, continued

The crazy thing is that I actually looked forward to seeing Howard Klein at Nordstrom’s again; meeting him made me want to return to the store, even though I hate to shop. The experience caused me to think about a possible strategy for hiring key associates. As I reflected on the subject, a manufacturing company […]

Hire Owners

I hate to shop. In fact, I really hate to shop. But I needed to upgrade my wardrobe, so I ventured into Nordstrom’s — and, to my surprise, I was delighted to meet Howard Klein. Klein probably deals with lots of guys like me, but he was amazing. He was direct, but not pushy. He […]

That Guy

I recently heard Henry Cloud speak from his very powerful book, Necessary Endings. Cloud used the phrase “That Guy” to label the team member in every company who is holding the rest of the team back from greatness. Cloud’s talk led me to reflect back on so many organizations where I have met “That Guy.” […]

Don’t settle for less than the best

The most successful companies focus on developing the best team members possible. It is an ongoing process, and includes both continually raising the bar on existing team members and occasionally adding and grooming new team members. Businesses that become complacent and satisfied with their performance eventually lose to more innovative, aggressive competitors. Do you have […]