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Rethinking Success

On June 8, Doescher Advisors was honored to have Doug Holladay, author of Rethinking Success, make a presentation to the Flint Business Executives Forum via Zoom. Holladay was actually in Manhattan, speaking with a group of successful business owners/CEOs, and stepped out of that meeting to spend some time and share his thoughts with us. […]

Purpose & Passion

In 2009, The Purpose Linked Organization was published by Alaina Love and Marc Cugnon, two consultants/authors. It deals with an issue that I’m passionate about — call it purpose, your why, your mission, your reason to exist, or whatever works for you. Especially in light of the aftermath of Covid and the Great Resignation, it […]


I’ve read so many books and articles that recommend adopting a spirit of gratefulness. It’s better for your personal health, both physical and mental; for your relationships, including your marriage; for your business; for your athletic teammates; and on and on. Most of what I’ve read is written by what I’ll call the soft-skill folks […]