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I’ve read so many books and articles that recommend adopting a spirit of gratefulness. It’s better for your personal health, both physical and mental; for your relationships, including your marriage; for your business; for your athletic teammates; and on and on. Most of what I’ve read is written by what I’ll call the soft-skill folks […]

A Dream Come True!

On May 11, 2022,  Aaron Hamp, CEO of I.N.C. Systems, and I launched the Flint Business Executive Forum. For probably 3 decades I have thought of forming a peer group of business owners who wanted a safe place to talk with and learn from other non-competitive business owners. Well, my dream finally came true in […]

The Generosity Habit

I read Matthew Kelly’s book, The Generosity Habit, during the Christmas season, but I believe it applies to our lives 365 days a year. As I read and reflected upon Kelly’s comments about generosity it occurred to me that, in a way, generosity is counterintuitive. With so many people all over the world hurting today, […]