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Can I Please Talk to Someone?

If you regularly read my blog and newsletter, you already know about my struggles with technology. Based on the feedback I receive, many of you can relate. Well, here’s an issue I’m still processing. I have an opinion about it, but I concede I may be wrong. I’m not sure yet. Anyway, many of the online services which are free to subscribers fail to provide a phone number you can call if you have problems with any aspect of the service. You need to ask your questions via e-mail, or by contacting an online help desk. Often, I don’t know specifically what question to ask without being able to fully explain the circumstances, and I don’t understand the written answers I receive. I just want to talk to someone!!!! I am sure Scott Klososky, a technology consultant who writes a very interesting newsletter for businesses trying to retool old dogs like me, would say, “Get over it.” But I still wonder, is there a middle-ground solution for people like me, who sometimes struggle to stay on top of technological advances? Is it too much to ask for some degree of direct human contact?