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He will never make it being that focused

May 14th, 2012 // Tom Doescher // 1 Comment

On February 21, I posted a blog entitled “The Big Three,” in which I named the three traits world-class leaders must possess. The second of those traits was focus. One of my favorite stories about focus is this: A young CPA moved from New York to Detroit, and he struggled to find a job in his new city. Eventually, in 1981, he started his own firm, which was exclusively focused on turnaround consulting. Most informed professionals predicted there was no way he would survive, being that narrowly focused. Well, he stayed the course (I am sure there were bumps along the way) and 25 years later, when the firm was sold, public sources put its value at $800 million. Who knows? Maybe that CPA got lucky. All I know is that not many CPA firms are worth that much. Recently it was reported in the local financial news that the firm is for sale again, this time for $1 billion. Although there are often risks involved, I have observed business after business that has had what many “experts” say is too narrow a focus — yet they have all outperformed their peers. How focused are you?

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  1. Romy Gingras says:

    Great Words! Focus!

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