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Extraordinary Customer/Client Service

Ideas to help you build a solid team

Nuggets and Encouragement regarding Strategy and Focus

Sharpening Your Personal Leadership Skills

Doescher Advisors Book List

The Next Season

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The following are segments from an interview of Tom by Romy Gingras of Gingras Global for her business which is focused on advising social enterprises. Each of the segments focus on a specific subject and are approximately 5 minutes in length. Hope these audio clips are encouraging and helpful to our clients and friends.

Focus On Jobs

1)Focus On Jobs

Olympic Athletes

2)Olympic Athletes

Partner/Advisor Not a Coach

3) Partner Advisor Not A Coach

Try a Pilot (Experiment)

4) Try a Pilot (Experiment)

It’s All About a Great Team Focused on Customers

5) It’s all about a great team

The Next Season

6) Next Season

Better leadership. Better results. ”

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