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Surveys Help Teams Improve Performance

August 21st, 2017 // Barbara Doescher //

In the March-April 2017 Harvard Business Review, there’s an article entitled “Pioneers, Drivers, Integrators, and Guardians,” which describes the tool Deloitte designed to improve team performance. Because of my client-focused advising, where I frequently use the Leading From Your Strengths tool, I was especially interested in their research, findings and approach.

Deloitte’s clients told them they weren’t getting the performance they needed from their teams. Their conclusion (and mine) was that too many leaders fail to effectively tap the diverse work styles and perspectives of their team members, and don’t recognize there truly are profound differences between how people work.

Deloitte’s tool, like Leading From Your Strengths, provides examples of behavioral styles:

  • Pioneers seek possibilities, and they spark energy and imagination.
  • Drivers seek challenge, and they generate momentum.
  • Guardians value stability, and they bring order and rigor.
  • Integrators value connection and draw teams together.

These four styles give teams a common language for understanding how people work. When I use the Leading From Your Strengths method with my clients, it, too, provides a common language for their teams.

My goal, like Deloitte’s, is to help business executives realize that different styles can contribute to the success of a business — and generally, you need to have representatives from each category.

If you want your team to work better together, consider getting help from Deloitte, Doescher Advisors or another firm that provides this type of assistance. I guarantee it will improve your profitability, and your workplace will become an environment where team members thrive because they are given the chance to achieve their fullest potential.

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