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Doescher Advisors Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

December 12th, 2016 // Tom Doescher //

It’s hard to believe Doescher Advisors is celebrating our five-year anniversary. Pinch us! We are so blessed. As we’ve told many of you, we’re living the dream.

If you’re a client, former client, someone who has referred a client, or someone who has helped us, we sincerely thank you for the trust you have placed in us. We are humbled, and it has been a privilege to serve you.

tom-barbara-5th-anniversary-croppedHere are a few factoids from our first five years:

  1. We have served 40 executives from 25 companies. Currently, we meet monthly with 15 executives.
  2. Both of us have joined business networking groups, which have been very beneficial.
  3. We have posted 160 blogs and 24 Food for Thought (FFT) articles, which are now read by more than 200 subscribers.
  4. We have connected with more than 700 business executives through LinkedIn.
  5. We have administered dozens of LFYS assessments.
  6. We have read more than 75 business books, from which key takeaways have been summarized in our blog posts or FFT articles. Our readers have told us this is a nice service that saves them time.

As you know, our passion is for helping businesses increase profits and jobs. To that end:

  1. At no charge, we’ve helped more than 90 people with job interviews (including interview prep); business referrals; career counseling — some early in their careers, and others who have felt like they needed to make a mid-course correction; and gratis meetings to provide second opinions on important business decisions and strategies; and we’ve conducted meetings with executives who just needed someone who understands to listen to them.
  2. We introduced 10 people to companies that became their future employer.
  3. We placed three interns, two of whom were offered and accepted full-time positions.

A special thank you to Ken Kunkel, Dan Doescher, Jennifer Ballarin, Ellen Krugel, Demoree Elbing and Anne Daughtery whose assistance and support have been invaluable.

We are so appreciative of you and, in the years ahead, we pledge to strive to continue earning your trust so that we can serve you and those you refer to us.

Merry Christmas, Tom and Barbara

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