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Announcing the “Sandbox ‘Hunters’ Game Plan” Blog Series

November 2nd, 2015 // Tom Doescher //

In my work with clients, especially industrial B2B clients, I often find that we wind up discussing one particular problem: the lack of business from “new” customers/clients. Several months ago, I began capturing my thoughts and ideas on the subject. As I reflected on what I wanted to say and how I wanted to share my thoughts, a new idea surfaced — why don’t I invite a guest blogger to assist me?

For the next several weeks, you’re in for a very special treat. Our guest blogger is someone I have known his entire life. I have observed him in many different situations and environments, and his relationship-building skills are extraordinary. In case you haven’t already guessed his identity from those clues, I am referring to “Uncle” Dan. Many of you know him as Dan Doescher — who, after an exceptionally successful and rewarding career, left Plante Moran and launched Sandbox Partners International. Sandbox is a firm that represents companies and gives them this promise: “Bringing partners the lifeblood of new business.” While at Plante Moran, Dan was often pointed to as the poster child for a new business development/rainmaker partner. Among a vast variety of different industries, he was successful in attracting new clients representing government, manufacturing, distribution, automotive and service businesses to Plante Moran.

In preparing for this “Hunter” series, I have read a number of great books and articles (including some recommended by several of my readers) describing the “best” salespeople. Dan and I have our thoughts on this topic, and we like to say, “The most successful business developers are professionals who meet the needs of others first.” As I have studied this subject, I have thought of a number of you whom I believe excel in this area. But when I benchmark Uncle Dan against the criteria of the experts, he is a bull’s eye.

I hope you have as much fun reading the Hunter series as Dan and I have had writing it. Enjoy!

If, while you’re reading this series, you believe Dan could be helpful to your company, please contact him directly at, or 248-701-8787.

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