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Doescher Advisors Leaders Health Check-up, Part 5

September 29th, 2014 // Tom Doescher //

In our last post, we introduced the trait of Emotional Health from the Doescher Advisors Leaders Health Check-up, known by the acronym SMEP. In this post we’ll talk about the fourth trait, Physical Health.

If you’re reading this post, chances are you probably know plenty about your physical health. Things to ask when evaluating your physical health include:

  1. Is there something that’s been bothering me for a while? Don’t ignore pains/symptoms, like we have done. They won’t go away.
  2. Am I getting regular feedback from my doctor? Get a regular annual physical and follow your doctor’s advice, or get a new doctor.
  3. Am I getting enough sleep? Most experts would recommend seven to eight hours per night. We’ve found that some of us need more.
  4. How much do I weigh? Do your best to stay within your recommended body weight.
  5. Am I giving my body the fuel it needs? Eat regular, balanced, healthy meals.
  6. Am I moving enough? Exercise regularly. We suggest having a trainer design a program that meets your specific needs.

Based on our experience, if you’re not doing well in your spiritual, mental, or emotional life, it will directly impact your physical health. Where you have cracks, they will be exposed.

Barbara’s mother is 96 years old and has excellent health and no pain. Her secret weapon? Moderation.

So, now you have it — the complete program known as the Doescher Advisors Leaders Health Check-up. Sad to say, we have known too many talented leaders who have ignored one of these aspects of their health and have fallen short of their full potential. That’s why we recommend periodically performing a gut check and asking yourself, How am I doing spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically (SMEP)?

Doescher Advisors Leaders Health Check-up, Part 4

September 15th, 2014 // Tom Doescher //

In our most recent post, we talked about the trait of Mental Health from the Doescher Advisors Leaders Health Check-up, which uses the acronym SMEP. In this post we’ll consider the third trait, Emotional Health.

Our epiphany with this trait came more than 25 years ago. There was — and is — a very well-known leader who we consider a long-distance mentor through his books and conferences.

At one of his presentations, he shared what he had learned in dealing with a bout of clinical depression. During his talk, he said he had a daily routine of assessing his physical and spiritual health (he knew, like many of us, that he was going at it pretty hard, and he didn’t want to get derailed). What he discovered during his illness was that he needed to monitor his emotional health as well as what was going on physically. These are our takeaways from his talk:

  1. All of us have a fixed amount of emotional energy.
  2. Just like not eating will cause physical problems, emotional energy can do the same.
  3. Some people give you emotional energy.
  4. Other people drain you of emotional energy.
  5. Know who those people are.
  6. Limit your time with the drainers.

Like this leader, we would recommend assessing your emotional energy daily, and we suggest that you monitor your time with drainers. This may sound harsh, but you’re the leader of the whole team, not just this person(s).

Doescher Advisors Leaders Health Check-up, Part 3

September 1st, 2014 // Tom Doescher //

Last time, we introduced the trait of Spiritual Health from the Doescher Advisors Leaders Health Check-up, identified by the acronym SMEP. In this post we’ll discuss the second trait, Mental Health.

By mental health, we mean the types of thoughts and ideas you’re putting into your mind. To figure out what your mental focus is, we would suggest asking yourself several questions:

  1. What do I look at?
  2. What do I watch?
  3. What do I read?
  4. What do I listen to?

Because all our readers are mature adults, we’re not going to give a bunch of examples. Instead, we encourage you to privately assess the answers to these four questions. The answers have a huge impact on you. Here’s one silly example, but it gives you an idea of what we mean. If you read the obituaries every day, it impacts you in some way — maybe good, maybe bad. Our advice is to know which it is, because it makes an incredible difference in how you approach issues that arise in both your business and personal life.

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