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Doescher Advisors Leaders Health Check-up

August 4th, 2014 // Tom Doescher //

Over several decades, we’ve gleaned a lot of health-related information from books, conferences, and various experts on health. Based on our observations, most great leaders understand the impact of their overall health on their leadership, and they pay close attention to it. Borrowing from many sources, we’ve developed our own Leaders Health Check-up using the acronym SMEP. Over the next several weeks, we will elaborate on each aspect.

The SMEP acronym represents the following components: S (Spiritual); M (Mental); E (Emotional); and P (Physical). We will describe each one in future posts.

In our life experience, all attributes are interconnected and affect how we behave. Our mentor, Frank Moran, often would say, “The whole person goes to work.” He was right; that is exactly what we’ve observed over the years.

In our next post, we’ll define Spiritual as part of SMEP.

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