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What’s More Important, Customer Service or Efficiency?

September 10th, 2012 // Tom Doescher //

Believe me, I understand how efficiency and technology have substantially reduced business process costs. But give me a break! This past year, my heart medication pills were running low, so I logged onto the online pharmacy service I was using and reordered the medication. The service sent me a message saying that, by their calculation, it was too early to get a refill; they could not (and would not) process my order. I counted the pills, which come with 90 in a bottle, to see exactly how many were left. Because the online drug service refused to send me the pills, and in an effort to make the medication last until a refill would be allowed, I skipped taking a dose every third day. Several months later, I became aware of a small pharmacy in my doctor’s office building by the name of Oakland Pharmacy. What a breath of fresh air! Lynn, who usually takes care of me now, will call me when I need refills, and she arranges same-day delivery to my home. This ordeal made me wonder, where am I being efficient, but totally ignoring the impact it makes on my client?

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