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Do you personally invest in new products and services?

May 21st, 2012 // Tom Doescher //

You are the one who knows your company and its capabilities best. You also probably understand your customers/clients best. So how engaged are you, really, in developing new products or services? I believe both Steve Jobs and Bob Lutz would say the customer doesn’t know what they want. Of course, neither of them was big on focus groups, either (and that’s saying it politely). What do you think? We have talked before about Blue Ocean Strategy, and the basic theory behind that concept is this: Don’t focus on your competitors; rather, concentrate on what you believe would delight your customers and/or clients (which isn’t necessarily easy, and that’s why you need to be involved). If you aren’t personally engaged in developing new products/services, consider freeing up some time and helping your team create the next iPhone-type product in your industry.

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