About Doescher Advisors

About Doescher Advisors

Who We Are

We advise business owners and executives to help them achieve profitable growth. Doescher Advisors germinated from founder, Tom Doescher’s passion and expertise in assisting businesses reach their goals. Read more about Tom and his experience. Joining Tom is co-owner, Barbara Doescher, who desires to help individuals and teams communicate best in the context of their strengths.

In 2021, Claudia McIntyre became the first colleague partner of the Firm after a successful & rewarding career as President of Laurus Home Care. Barbara & Tom were excited to welcome her to the team where her skills & background will compliment theirs.

Who We Serve

We serve business owners and executives of small, middle-market, privately owned companies. These individuals range from experienced executives and leadership teams to newly promoted executives.

Why We Serve Them

Our passion is helping leaders and strengthening their organizations. We believe that, by far, executive leaders have the most significant impact on the success of a company. Obviously, the CEO has the greatest influence, but the leadership team and other key executives and managers significantly impact profitability. Many of the leaders we serve grew up in their businesses and have had limited formal or informal executive leadership development training. This is where Doescher Advisors comes in; we customize our approach based on the client’s need, and sculpt a unique client relationship that helps them profitably grow their companies. Simply put, we love helping owners/executives succeed!

Why Doescher Advisors?

Doescher Advisors offers business advice like none other. Our methodology blends the science of leadership, the process, the nuts and bolts of leadership with the personalities of each leader and his or her team. After a process that involves understanding the executive’s goals through active listening, we tailor our approach to meet their specific needs. Our years of experience has included all phases of a business’s life cycle, as well as the growth and development of the leadership team. Custom solutions based on battle-worn advice — this is our specialty.

Why Doescher Advisors is a Uniquely Better Service (Please refer to October 2, 2017 blog post)

  • Always do what is best for our client (even if it hurts our firm).
  • The Executive is our Client, not the company.
  • It’s about more than just business – It’s the “Whole Person”.
  • Tailored independent advice based on listening.
  • Over 45 years ‘in the trenches’ with extensive global network.
  • Confidential – We live it.
  • Modest investment of time & money.

Industries Served

Middle-market Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors:
Our scope of knowledge spans the middle-market industrial and manufacturing sectors, including industrial companies, manufacturers, distributors, automotive suppliers, and metal formers.

Service Businesses:
We understand service businesses, especially professional service firms. These industries and sectors have unique challenges that Doescher Advisors completely understands, thanks to our senior leadership’s expertise spanning over 25 years.

Mission Statement

Doescher Advisors was founded to help businesses increase profits & jobs through practical and sound advice.

Our Wish for You and for Us

May the favor of the Lord rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us; yes, establish the work of our hands.

They did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. They held fast to the Lord and did not cease to follow Him; they kept the “Successful Principles for a Healthy Life” the Lord had given, and the Lord was with them, and they were successful in whatever they undertook.

Selected Client Examples

Building a Solid Team

  • Assessment of individual and team strengths to increase understanding of differences and reduce conflict.
  • Identifying the need for a strong #2 person, like a COO.
  • Dealing with underperforming associates.
  • Understanding and dealing with the impact of long-time associates, who are now in the wrong position.
  • Holding team members accountable.
  • Helping establish & script Town Hall meetings

Extraordinary Customer Service

  • Helping the whole team realize that every associate is in sales.
  • Advising clients with difficult customers and if appropriate, coaching the client on outplacing the customer.
  • Role-playing with clients on important conversations with customers or suppliers.

Nuggets Regarding Strategy & Focus

  • Developing a long-term plan (i.e. Will company be run by non-owner CEO indefinitely? Should company be prepared for sale to third party? Will company be passed on to next generation?)
  • Assisting second generation in successfully running the business and making tough decisions when first generation still has controlling interest.
  • Siblings involved in the company.
  • Helping clients to maximize meeting time by determining what meetings, who should attend, setting appropriate agendas and determining lengthen and frequency.
  • Developing operational organization charts for matrix organizations

Sharpening Personal Leadership Skills

  • Assistance with preparation for difficult conversations.
  • Honing a leader’s skills at providing actionable developmental feedback.
  • Suggesting books, articles, webinars, or seminars to refine a particular trait.
  • Assisting new CEOs in developing their First 100 Days Plan.

Our Dream

To become the business advisor of choice for owners of private companies in the greater Flint community; and to have a positive influence on Flint & its residents.